Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today, I received some items I bought on E-Bay for our homeschool. For the past few weeks, I have had "the curriculum bug". I have received several curriculum magazines. I have prayed, compared, and then prayed some more. I frantically searched the Internet. The Frugal Mama in me wanted the most of everything for the lowest price. Me? Pay full price? Ha! My pockets would be empty if that were the case.

I have also started online college around the same time. I am currently in my second set of classes.

Unfortunately, because of my quest for the lowest price and starting online college, I have put a halt to our homeschooling lessons.  We haven't cracked open a workbook on a 5 day basis since February.  My goal of completing this school year before Birthday Season(April-June) is no longer possible. I'll be lucky if we complete it before the end of June. That's if I can get us started next week.

Oh, don't look at me that way. My kids are still learning. The aren't sitting around watching Jerry Springer with me and finding out the best way to deny a child. They are learning, honest!

In place of workbooks, I'm giving them the chance to learn what they want. The only thing I forced on them was an educational CD-ROM game. But, after awhile, they started to ask for it, anyways. My oldest daughter is reading books I haven't even read yet. Books that are way beyond that of what most her age would want to read willingly. My son is absorbing all he can about iguana's. My youngest is learning to read not from a phonics curriculum, but by sounding out the letters she does know, and asking me the rest. She is also learning how to properly care for a Betta fish. They are also learning home economics, as they help me cook and bake. They are learning how to manage a home, through a new chore system. They are doing physical education by dancing, running, jumping  hurdles out on the Wii Extreme Fit, and playing outside everyday it doesn't rain. They are having Music lessons by going to our church's children's choir once a week.They attend Sunday School classes at church to learn more about the Bible, and they read their own children's Bible(s) at home whenever they are hungry for The Word. I am reading to them classical children's books every other night. They are doing their own form of art class by drawing/painting to their heart's content. The only form of television they are allowed to watch Monday-Thursday must be educational DVDs that we already own. Lately, that has been Schoolhouse Rock and Little Pim: Chinese.  They are frequently learning, and re-learning  how to properly conduct themselves in public and at home.

We are entering our third year of homeschooling. We have had seasons in which I teach in every sense of the word. There are also seasons where I step back due to choice or adjusting to something new and allow them to learn what they want, when they want. I know my children and myself well enough to do my best to prepare in advance for the "free learning" seasons, by picking out educational things they can do with little help from me. 

As the boxes continue to arrive at our door, the kids are anxious to finish the remaining school year. They are also eager to see what I have up my sleeve for next year. And I am doing a happy dance, because I bought all they need for next school year for a fraction of what I would have spent buying it brand spanking new.

Our homeschool is not perfect, but it works.

Mama Jenn