Monday, March 16, 2015

Randomness(Week #3 Post), March 2015

Hello again, Chaotics :)
Ahhh. Spring. It's great, isn't it? I love Spring.
This could be my backyard...if I actually enjoyed taking care of flowers. Which I don't. 

Thoughts of Spring begin when cabin fever sets in.
First, the list writing begins...first, I set my mind to something simple, like, "cleaning list" and it turns out into a mini book on all the people/things I forgot to do all Winter.
I had thoughts all Winter...didn't I?? 

Then I look up from all the papers and realize....everything is dirty. Maybe it's because I'm stuck inside the house more(writing all those list...), or maybe it's because the kids are in the house more(because they're tired of having to put on two or more layers because my mom brain is still not 100% convinced its Spring yet). Maybe it's seeing one too many "I'm sick!" posts on Facebook...or in the case of this year, I have had enough of our family being sick. Either way...suddenly, my house, in my eyes, looks like a pig pen and the Cleaning Hulk within comes out. I.must.clean.everything.
Thankfully for me, I'm not the only one who has this urge to clean. Online and locally, stores suddenly have cleaning displays, bold and colorful...and on sale! Stock up time, baby!!

Cleaning Bundle...a cute bucket....AND FREE SHIPPING?!? I'll take 5, please!!
Once the house is satisfactory, then it's time to move stuff around! Not that there's anything wrong with where everything is at now. It's just...well, I've been staring at it all Winter! It's so, well...WINTERY! It has to scream SPRING, for pete's sake! It must be moved around, in no random order, for no particular reason at all!! 
Feng Shui? *Pffffttt* Where's the fun in THAT?!
After moving anything and everything around for a bit, suddenly(i.e., when my whole body hurts, because I keep forgetting that couch/bed/dresser moving is not an Olympic sport that I need to train for...), I start to realize...oh my gosh, we haven't done homeschooling in weeks! Then I feel like an insignificant homeschooling mother.  Someone is going to randomly pop out of a bush and quiz my kids on all they know, and they're going to fail...miserably!!! I must DO something! I must obtain something...ANYTHING!!! justify all the time I spent killing their brain cells by making them  kindly requesting they watch tv while I clean assist me in all my cleaning and re-arranging adventures. 
Library card, you're about to earn your keep! 
Thankfully, while they are rolling their eyes and moaning  joyfully soaking up all the books and videos I borrowed, the curriculum catalogs have arrived! 
So much to chose from, so little time!!
And this year...the seed and chicken catalogs are coming! And the e-mails on free shipping offers/sales! Which means, this year, I HAVE to start a garden!  I have to get fertilizer, I have to get seeds...which plants are compatible with which? This calls for a gardening book, or five....WHOOT!!! 
Okay, maybe not "Whoot!"....
Then I remember...oh, wait!! I have all this stuff I forgot to do this Winter!! Like all the crafty things I had wanted to do with the kids to prevent them from getting cabin fever. Did I call all the people I had meant to, just to make sure they are still alive and well(or, at the very least, breathing??), write really thoughtful and sincere letters to all those that like that sort of thing...or at least send them a Christmas card by April? And sewing..why does EVERYTHING have holes in it all of a sudden?! And did we memorize the classical hymns I had wanted to memorize for, oh, I dunno...the past three or four years?
Crap. Did I idolize cleaning products? Did I take more joy in the children than the Lord? Were we "jamming too hard" in the car,  that we were annoying people instead of pointing them to Christ? Was I a "stumbling block" to my fellow Christian brothers by revealing too much skin at Wednesday night Bible study? When is the last time I cracked open my Bible, my devotional book, at home...?
And..*gasp!* Bible devotions...I mean, AM I EVEN A CHRISTIAN ANYMORE?! 
Light all da candles! Say all versions of  da sinners prayer!!
(The next morning...)
*Deep breath* 
Okay. we are. 
Me, my Bible, a devotional. A cup of coffee, the silence of a new day. 
I open my Bible...and take in the words. 
I read the devotional, look back to the Bible...and tears stream down my face. 

I am humbled. I am reminded. 
While these things are great...they are not eternal. 
These things are of importance to me...but they do not earn me "brownie points" with my Lord. 
God gives me, you, us...he gives us all 24 hours each day for a reason. Any more, and we'd run ourselves ragged. Any less, and we'd complain even more about not having enough. 
Yes, it's great to start the day with goals...but before our feet hit the ground, we should always check with him to ensure all our goals serve his purpose. 

Does this excuse me from my duties? Nope. 

...but, does it make me slow down, not seeing each thing as a thing to check off, but instead, something to do joyfully for the Lord? Absolutely. 


Okay, I'm better now. Thank you, Lord. 
Ahh. Spring. It's great, isn't it? I just love Spring. I simply can't wait for Spring. 
Wait...did I remember to shave my legs?!

Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What is the Goal of This Blog? Why am I still Writing?

Hello, Chaotics!
I know its been some time since I wrote on here.
...I know a few of you were hyperventilating, thinking I'd never return.

....I know some of you were on my Facebook page, thinking, "why is she posting so much?"

.....I know even more of you were pondering, "why is she posting so LITTLE?!"

Well...*nervous laughter*
Short explanation- I've been doing some changing, refining.
Long explanation- I broke my laptop in January/I was busy with the holidays/ being a housewife is harder than I thought/I'm trying to redirect my attention to things beyond a computer screen/ I'm secretly stalking you all on Facebook.
 Kidding on that last part, by the way.


When I originally started this blog, it was largely due to people telling me I need to blog. Facebook only gives you that small box to type in, and maybe people were sick of me writing these status updates that took the to read. Or, maybe people just wanted a place where they could go back and reference all the randomness that is Jenn and the kids(and now, the hubby plus two more kids, plus a dog and a cat). And, being the people pleaser that I am, I started it.
However, I had zero goals for this blog. It didn't have or serve a purpose. I post random stuff, you read it if you want to, we all get a good laugh at all things Jenn...the end.
But, as I took time off of here and started to evaluate my time, I started to realize...this blog needs a goal. It does need a purpose. A reason for existing. Otherwise, like many other projects I take on for no reason beyond "it sounded good at the time!", it will fall to the wayside. Which, I'm sure you're thinking, it you can see constant, huge gaps in my posting.
I've made some big promises regarding this blog in the past. I did intend to live up to them, but this crazy thing called life got in the way. People that agreed to help got busy with life, and ended up silently backing out of help. And, for that, I apologize.

I started to I want to keep blogging? Does anyone honestly care if I stop? Do people really care about the topics(or lack thereof) that I address?
I won't first, I said, "no". As I withdrew more and more on Facebook, I didn't see a big uproar(not that I was expecting one or anything...but, sheesh, an angry mob or something would have sufficed!).  I mean, what's so great about me now? I'm no longer a single mother with dreams, chasing every path that God puts me on...I'm now a married woman doing her best to live out those dreams, alongside her husband. Gee ,*yawn* doesn't everyone married do that?

So, I got to thinking(which is usually a dangerous phrase in our house). What is the purpose of this blog? Why keep writing?

Okay, if I'm going to be honest, it's because, even if this blog means nothing to you, the reader(s), it means something to me. This is my journey, in words, some YouTube videos and pictures of the past few years of my life. The years that were best described as being "chaotic". If I were a butterfly, there were some supernatural transformations going on, and here they are, on the internet, for me to preserve. So, one day, when I lose my memory, and it can no longer be summed up as "mommy brain"...I will have something to refer back to as all the stuff God brought me through. All the times I stepped out of my comfort zone in Christ. All the times I had no one but God in my corner. All the many, many times God has brought the right person or group of people in my path and either helped me in my goals or gave me a spiritual smack upside the head. Also, as someone else stated, an electronic paper(er...web link?) trail of who I really was, and why I did what I did. If I'm my nieces and nephews crazy Aunt, if my future grand kids call me "Crazy Mom-Mom Jenn"...I want them to know the reason behind my insanity.
...Wait, that doesn't sound as good as it did in my head...uhhhmm...I mean, I want to leave a written legacy. Yes. A legacy of my insanity.
......Hold it. That doesn't sound good, either.
Well *nervous laughter* you know what I mean, right?

The point is...yes, this blog needs a purpose, and no, this blog doesn't need a purpose.
Clear as mud? Okay. Glad we're on the same page.
But, for my own sanity's sake, I'm going to do my best to start writing more. Just like I found out that the perfectionist in me(who, by the way, is usually silence and gagged by bacon) prefers structure and order in my daily housewife routines, so the blogger in me prefers at least a little bit of habit, or structure for my blog post.
I can't promise anything, but I will do my best to write at least once a week.
Mondays are usually the day of week I like to find an excuse to do anything but housework take it easy. I will blog each Monday.
Each week will be a different topic.
Week 1: Cooking/Menu Planning
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Aside from my journey to Papa Bear, my food posts have been the most popular. I'll be posting my weekly menus for the month and hopefully, pictures of some of the food. So I can stop making y'all hungry on Facebook, you can come here and drool over my food once a month(or more, if you're into that sort of thing). In the past, I also posted the recipes, but realized that those weren't getting the same amount of readers as the menus were. If you ever want a particular recipe, just comment on the post or shoot me a message on Facebook.

Week 2: Housewife 101
This one may or may not happen on a monthly basis. If it does, it will either be ways I save money, time, cleaning recipes I use, or just things I think a housewife may be interested in. If this does take place, it will largely be a free for all without some input for y'all on what you want to know/do better! Also, since I'm still pretty new to this, there may or may not be some funny things that I have done in the month as I learn to be better.

Week 3- Randomness
This is also a free for all post. I might just do a huge photo dump of our past month(s), I might write about a topic I'm passionate about, Papa might write, it may just be the randomness in my head,if someone messages me a question about something I do(or don't do),I'll answer it here. It may be about homeschooling, or it may be a bunch of TPM/FPM/FPU/Papa Bear and Me moments all rolled into one blog post. Who knows.

Week 4- Steps Towards Self-Sufficiency/Homesteading
I know this sounds like it should be grouped into Housewife 101, but this post will be written by both me AND my husband(I just haven't told him yet...surprise, honey! *nervous laughter*), with me doing the typing for both of us. This will probably be more active/exciting in the spring/summer, as those are more of the busier seasons(so far). Again, this is another week where I'm only going to write based on if y'all would like to see more of it...if not, then, I'll change the topic to something else.

Before I go for today, I just want to give a big "THANK YOU!" to those who have stuck by my blog, who have read it and have gave me their two(and sometimes five, and ten, and fifty...) cents worth. I want y'all to keep telling me what you think, your opinion on topics I address, etc. As much as I do this for the reasons I've mentioned, I also want y'all to know that this blog is also your blog, too, in a way. I don't want this to be me simply sounding off/sounding like I know everything because contrary to what some may believe, I don't. This blog is still just my word baby. The words/photos/etc. of what I'm still learning myself. And I thank you for sticking around to see the changes, the randomness, the chaos that was, and still is(to a smaller degree) Jenn.

Welp....that's all the voices in my head have to say today!


Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn