Monday, April 7, 2014

"Our House, is a very,very,very fine house.."

Hello, everyone!
Today, I felt the need to let y'all know, I haven't forgot my blog or y'all! After what happened last summer, I won't lie, I really didn't feel up to writing, because, well, everything I wrote was overly depressing and troubling to those who read it. Even I didn't like writing it, but I see now that a lot of what had happened was the result of me trying to rush God's timing and not preparing the trip ahead of time. And, if I'm going to be completely honest, I was taking for granted the fact that I really wasn't ready. A lot of learning has been done in the past twelve months-for both me and PB.
Anyways, enough about that. If y'all are interested, I'll write another post about the ups and downs we experienced in this past year, but this post isn't about that.
After much prayer and searching, much applying and more praying...God has placed something in our(Well, actually, PB's) path that is JUST too good to be true! A home, with LAND! Not as much as PB had wanted, but plenty for me! *Girlish Squeal*
It's our first home, together! I'm so excited about it, I could just BURST! Yes, it's a rental, and yes, I know it's not "really ours", but the owners have decided that, if we like it, after a year...we could possibly start the process to own it! Yes, OWN it!!
I had the grand(Skype) tour yesterday, and it needs work and some lovin'. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms(something totally new to us: we don't have to scream at each other to get out of the bathroom anymore...I think! *giggles*), a half acre of land, a fireplace...oh, and did I mention a DISHWASHER?! I know, that seems a little silly to mention, but to PB and I the fireplace and the dishwasher were something we both dreamed of having in our own home. I've wanted a dishwasher forever(no, my kids don't count lol) and PB has a love for fireplaces that started out when he was a child. Plus, did I mention a half acre of land?! I KNOW, right?! For a city gal who has desperately wanted ANY kind of free space to start homesteading on some kind of level, this a "pinch me, is this really real?!" moment for me! The owners said they don't mind a bit if we use some of the land for growing our food! Added bonus- there are(some kind of) fruit trees growing already on the land! We don't know for sure which is which yet, but I'm praying something will blossom forth this year!
Plus, the kids can have room to really run! So will the dog, and the cat, too! That's a HUGE thing to us, because, after living in an apartment for several years and being told, "your kids can't climb the trees, they might damage the trees(really?!)", etc. my kids will finally have the trees and space to climb, build mud castles, and be their real selves outdoors, without fear of someone telling them "you can't do that!" That's a big step for us.
Just thinking about it, I can't believe God would be so good to us!
Below are some pictures of the place. Not many, because, unfortunately, I can only show what PB sends me, whenever he has time to, which is limited because on his job and him trying to fix as much as he can on the place before we get there.
Oh, and is just me, or is there something totally amazing about seeing a guy do repair work? I don't mean know, "sexy", but...downright amazing in itself? Maybe that's just me...I don't know. I guess it's because of me knowing PB as I do, it just seems somewhat out of character for him(I knew he could do it, but never really saw/listened to him talk about it much), and to watch/hear it unfold is just SUCH a blessing on my heart. It really makes me yearn to be right alongside him, helping get this place up to shape, and do my part even more than before!
Maybe I'm just weird like that. It's the little things that make me feel blessed, I guess!
Anyways, enough are 5 pictures. I'll send more as I get them, and once I get there! :)
 The Living Room
 My favorite place(aside from the future garden), the KITCHEN!!!
 One of the bathrooms!
 One of the closets to the kid's bedrooms
Where the garden is going :)
I can't wait to get started helping turn this house into a home! More posts coming soon!

Until next time,
Mama Jenn

P.S.- Please continue to check back for more updates. I can't promise much for the months of April/most of May, but come the end of May/Early June, I have SOO many posts to write out, I don't know where I'll start!
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