Sunday, April 21, 2013

Udder Chaos on the MOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE!!!

Hey y’all!
I have some great news! The Udder Chaos family is MOOOving!
Oh, c’mon, you KNOW I had to. Udders, moo? You have to see the connection here. Do I need to give you a minute to think about? Well, okay.
*cue timer*
….time’s up! Moooving on…
That’s right, the crazy antics of our chaotic family are no longer being limited to the great state of PA! That’s right…we’re finally moooving ourselves over to Idaho! Yes, I know…Idaho’s known for potatoes and not cows, but just stay with me here a little bit longer. Okay? Okay.
This is something God’s been giving me God nudges (and pushes, and shoves, and…) about for the past 3 years, and it wasn’t until this year I finally said, “Okay, God! I get it, I get it! We’re going, we’re going!”
I’m not entirely sure why Idaho (no homeschool laws? *shrugs*), but I do know this feeling in my heart just will NOT go away. Trust me, I’ve tried to let go of it, especially when I had no idea of how on earth we would ever get there. Then *boom* God blesses us with a way.
Since the kids and I have never been on a vacation before, we’re going to take two weeks to travel the states between PA and ID. Which brings me to my next revelation…
Udder Chaos is expanding!
Since so many of you are going to miss us face-to-face, and the written word can only do but so much…soo…we’re going to start our own Youtube Channel!
That’s right! Starting May 30th, we’re going to be starting a vlog of our vacation/move to Idaho! Please make sure to save our channel to your Youtube favorites! As soon as I have the kinks tested out, I’ll make sure to post the direct link here, on the blog. Keep an eye out for it on my Facebook page!
Yes, you can sleep in the meantime. I know, you’re still catching sleep from that time period I didn’t post from Thanksgiving to New Years(My word, someone can hold a grudge…).  I didn’t mean “keep an eye out for it” literally. Unless you sleep with one eye open…in which case, go right ahead and keep that one eye open and out for the post…
But, that’s not the only way we’re expanding…We’re adding MORE chaos to the mix. You know, because our lives are sooo dull and boring as it is! *wink*
No, I don’t mean that sort of expanding. What do you think I am… a hot air balloon?! I’m trying to lose weight, not gain it! Sheesh!
Along with the Youtube channel, the Udder Chaos family is going to be adding some fresh meat…I mean, writers! Yes, writers! *nervous laughter* We’re going to be adding at least one(if not,two!) writers to the mix. Totally disregard that urge for bacon that managed to form in the back of your mouth. Oh, and wipe your're drooling.
We’re adding onto the family in other ways,too. That’s right…we’re getting a dog!! No, we’re not replacing the transgender iguana or Nemo the fish that isn’t really a Nemo-breed of fish. They’re still here!  As long as the iguana doesn’t bite me(I kid, I kid…she already has. It was an accident!), and the fish doesn’t go belly up, they’re coming with us! We’re just waiting for the move to get them, since I can’t have any fur babies in my current place. *cue sad face*
Okay, so…pets, move, mention of bacon, Youtube…have I got everything covered? Oh, I didn’t mention chocolate once in this post.
Chocolate,Dark Chocolate. There. Okay, this post is complete.
So, is your head spinning? Are you feeling as giddy as a schoolgirl at her first school dance? Does your tummy feel like a net full of butterflies?
Then my job here is done.
Until next time,
Mama Jenn
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