Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Our Wedding- May 27, 2014

Hello again, Chaotics!
Sorry again for the long post last time...I know, you're probably sick of looking at words now, aren't you?
Do your eyes hurt?
Are you squinting a little?
Okay...I'll keep the words to a minimum this time. This post is largely pictures, and two Youtube Videos, I promise.
The only thing I want to type about it...why Papa Bear and I decided to wait until we got married to kiss...and do other things(*wink*)
The fact is...both are a miracle in and of themselves. If you knew either of our history with sex outside of marriage, you probably would think, "There is NO WAY those two could hold out until their wedding day! They didn't KISS, I don't BELIEVE THAT!"
But, it's true.
We had both decided long before we ever met, that we wanted to glorify God in our courtship. Which, in most Christian circles, just meant, "Don't get the nookie on before you walk down the isle!"
However, a few years ago, someone recommended to me the book, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". After reading it, I concluded this book HAD to be meant for teens, not single mothers who had a hard time controlling her, uh, "feminine urges"!
Around that same time, as I mentioned in my last post, God started to put in my path conservative Christian magazines, ministries, etc. The more I read their Biblical interpreted view of what courtship really looked like, the more I started to see the beauty in it. While nearly all of what was mentioned was geared towards younger adults, I thought...if a bunch of just left the hormonal teens stage young adults can do it, then why can't I?
So, I had decided, even before I had met Papa Bear, that I was not going to allow myself even a hint of temptation. Because for someone like me, who struggled for years between the world's way of sex(great for a moment, then extreme guilt and feelings of shame long afterwards) and desperately wanting God's way(holy and unashamed, beautiful, and with one person-your spouse), I knew that, for myself, even one kiss was one step too many.
Plus...only Tweeny Bear knows how babies are really made. The other two...well...I told them babies are made by kisses. Special kisses, that are only meant for marriage. So...I couldn't allow them to see me getting all tongue-tied and swapping spit with Papa Bear before marriage, if I wanted them to continue to believe that, even after I tell them how babies are really made, that kisses, sharing your lips, or any part of your body,really, is only meant for the person God has chosen to be your, could I?
Papa Bear and I are aware that we want to not only raise Godly children in theory, but in our actions as well.  We also want to do our best to glorify God in our OWN walks, and in our actions to each other. We both wanted to respect each other as single people, God's people, and our future spouse, regardless of if that we were marrying each other or not.
It really helped we were 1,800+ miles away from each other most of the time...but minor details, minor details...*nervous laughter*
Anyways...I don't want to sound overly righteous or judgemental in saying all this. It wasn't easy-in fact, aside from the actual driving to get to Idaho, it was the hardest thing Papa Bear and I have had to do in the entire process of our courtship. I would hope most of you know me well enough to know, I am not saying all this from a "soapbox up on high", but rather, a woman who has walked and lived in the ways of the world nearly all her life, and has seen that life is not the life I wanted to continue to take part in. I'm human, but I'm also a sinner saved by grace-both(Papa Bear and I) of us are, really.
So, we decided to save that kiss for the wedding. And even though it may not amount to much to some,it meant a lot to me that we were willing to wait. And I'm glad we did- it was the sweetest kiss of my life.
Okay, I'm getting misty just thinking about it...part one is here, and part two is here.
Below are the pictures. On behalf of Papa Bear and I, I'd love to give a heartfelt thanks to Daniel, a facebook friend I had met for the first time that day, who decided to not only come to our wedding as a witness, but to go a step further and be our wedding photographer for the actual ceremony. Thank you SOO much, Daniel!
Two Families, Becoming One :)

Gosh, these kids are ADORABLE!!

I was trying to look like I was leaning on him, and ended up with double-chin(*-_-)

Mama Jenn and Papa Bear before the wedding! 

In Papa Bear's Car, getting ready to leave for the Courthouse!

Mama Jenn and Tiny Bear

Tiny Bear fell asleep on me on the way back...too much excitement for her!

Hands joined together, to symbolize unity

Papa Bear putting on my ring

Me, putting on Papa Bear's ring

"You may now kiss the bride..."

The sweetest kiss ever- Our first kiss!

I freaking love you, Papa Bear!!! Forever :)

 Hope you enjoyed!
Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn


  1. Lovely photos! :)

  2. Thank you so much! I must give credit to my friend, Daniel, for them! It was such a blessing to have an unexpected photographer take our pictures, AND he did an awesome job,too!