Sunday, December 27, 2015

Stepford Wives Challenge

Greetings, Chaotics!  
I'm having a bit(okay, a lot) of cabin fever. I got into an argument with my house is a mess...and my kids are being slight...pains in the behind. So, maybe my whole house is having cabin fever.
Recently, I watched the "horror" movie, The Stepford Wives. Don't ask.
Bet some of you didn't know the original(1974 version) was a horror movie, did you?
You're googling it now, aren't you? (O.O)
........or, maybe that's just me (*-_-).
Anyways, I know several of you may not of even seen any of the movies(FYI-there's four. Yes, four). But y'all know the idea, right? Pretty much any wife who is a housewife/stay-at-home mom has been, at one point or another, been accussed of being one. And usually in a demeaning or belittling way.
So, after watching the first(and fourth) and almost vomiting at the second, I got to thinking...what IS the big deal?
Granted, I know they are robots in the first, drugged in the second, and computer programmed in the fourth(spoiler alert. You're welcome.). And yes, I think its awful that the men they trusted did that to them against their will. I'm not arguing that.

However, the notion that women who enjoy being at home...putting their husbands and children before themselves...that enjoy and passionately pursue cooking and cleaning...that they are somehow weird or not living up to their full "modern woman" potential...that I DO disagree with.
Please don't get me wrong. While I don't agree with the modern feminist movement, I do think that, the main idea was that women could and should choose to do what they wanted.
So...why is it that if women WILLINGLY, ON THEIR OWN choose to stay at home and make the home their vocation, they don't fit the feminist agenda?

Okay, rant over.  
Regardless, this movie got me thinking.
I am a housewife. As you can see in my first statement, I don't quite fit the bill for a robotic-perfectionist-type of woman. So, no my husband isn't putting me up to this. And even if he did, I don't even know how much something like that would cost...but either way, we probably couldn't afford it. I think they charge extra to convert plus-size gals like me.
But if I could spit out money, that'd be kinda worth it.
But in all seriousness, with my husband and I butting heads, and me having to yell at the kids to clean up their messes every...five it so awful to imagine that, maybe..maybe...the idea of willingly being a Stepford not all bad? That maybe it's not the kids or my husband, but actually just...ME? That maybe if I change into something a bit more humbling, a bit more feminine...maybe our home will change, too?
So, I got to thinking. What if, for 30 days, I became a Stepford Wife?
Yes, cabin fever has hit full force. And, I love that dress!

I googled about it and it turns out, there are other wives that willingly chose to become Stepford Wives. Not as a challenge, but as a literal way of life.
And while a few of those websites may be...well, actually written by men, most are written by women and only a very small few are actual satire. The remaining actually live this out or progressing towards living this out.
So, with this in mind, I thought what if, for the month of January, I actually transport myself into a Stepford Wife?
Would my husband actually love it? Would my kids? Would I?
I am going to be using this website as my "rules" for the month(they have a more detailed list when discussing the Stepford Wives Book here. You have to scroll down a little.).
And while doing the challenge, I decided to actually finish(yes, because I've only had it for over a year and all) "Created to Be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl. While they do have a recommended reading list(which, if I were doing this longer, I'd start to acquire), I felt like this book would be better suited for a monthly challenge since 1. I already own it and 2. I'm trying to focus more attention on my personal issue of proper submission than trying to obtain robotic-like perfection in manners and grace.
Although, a bit more fairy dust in the grace and manners department wouldn't kill me.
And I'm going to upload my daily thoughts on the challenge on my YouTube Channel here.
What are your thoughts? Is this a form of insanity/cabin fever? Or is it just a glorified version of the same old song and dance(i.e. Biblical Submission, etc.)? Do you know anyone who is a proud Stepford wannabe?
Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

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