Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lessons Learned from Moving- Days 1-4

Greetings, everyone!
I thought we'd be in Ohio by now, but due to some stupidity on my part, we are still in Pennsylvania. 
Below are the, I mean "lessons" I've learned as a result of my journey/why we haven't made it as far as I thought:
-Kids go to the bathroom. A LOT.
-Kids are hungry.A LOT.
-heat/humidity+lack of A.C. in the car= frequent stops to get water(see also, "Kids go to the bathroom A LOT"). 
-Big trucks+construction+night x 65 MPH/several years of not driving= one very freaked out mama. Like, hyperventilating freaked out.
-Rest stops are a mother of children/furbabies roadie BFF.
-Walmart is also a mother roadie's BFF.
-Stepbrothers are awesome
-Mapquest is only good if the person using it is good with directions. If you get lost going around the corner.(not that I do or anything...*nervous laughter*), then it is the devil's spawn of direction-giving websites.
-GPS is a directionally challenged woman's work husband. Complete with arguing and "I'm sorry, you're right. I was wrong..."
-Comforter's as a substitute for tarp on top of a moving vehicle only work up to 55 MPH. Anything past 55...yeah, you're picking up stuff off the highway. While big trucks are zooming past. *cue hyperventilating..again*.
-You suddenly realize that after comforter/stuff failing incident occurring several times within a few miles of each other that the stuff on the roof may not be worth risking your life over. Hey, less stuff to weigh you down at the new place, right?
-Tarp only works with a large amount of bungee cords. No, 8 is not deemed "a lot". And possibly large amounts of rope(just a guess-still working on kinks for this experiment).
-Stick with a relatively vegetarian diet when traveling with limited ways of heating food. Otherwise, you're stuck eating super-processed foods you would normally eat on rare occasions.
-Super-processed foods rarely eaten suddenly becoming everyday food has some really uncomfortable consequences.
-Large amounts of super-processed foods+limited leg movement= cankles an elephant would even say "Holy cow, those things are huge!!!!" to.
-Bring a pet brush on road trips if bringing furbabies. Unless your idea of an extra layer of clothing/snack is large amounts of fur over everything.
-Planning in advance is actually a good way to travel.Or so I've heard.
-Winging it is not such a good idea when there are children and fur/scalebabies involved.
-Car chargers- seriously, why did I not think of this? (please see:Stepbrothers are awesome)
-Roadies aren't actually as awful and scary as people think them to be. Some just look scary, but honestly, most of them are really just big teddy bears with road wisdom. Talking softly, cracking jokes and having chatty children helps.
-Praying while driving helps kill the time; you know, until you can come to a stop light and re-attempt to find the local country music station...again.
- I suddenly have a bigger appreciation for people that drive long distances as a part of their job description.
As soon as I get the hang of all this, pictures will follow. I think.

Until next time,
Mama Jenn

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