Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Monday's Schedule

Greetings, Chaotics!
*NOTE- this is the second late post. Again....sorry!*
Once again, I thought I'd share my schedule from Monday, as well as what we ate. This Monday is a little different because I was a bit more sluggish than usual.
5:30 a.m.- attempt to wake up. Fail. Quickly text hubby good morning, then accidentally fall back asleep.
The clock is against me! DANG IT!
5:45- actually get out of bed, walk around in a half zombie-like state and quick tidy around the house
6:30- make a pot of coffee, get the sink filled w\soapy water for dishes. Drink coffee, look over homeschooling lesson plans only to realize I hadn't filled them completely. Stare blankly at lesson plans and try to become coherent. Stop staring and start shower.
7:00-shower, do hair, get dressed. Throw a load of laundry in the wash.
7:45- start vacuuming Master bedroom and living room.
8:00-Throw 2nd load of laundry in. Start printing out paperwork for kids. Oldest daughter wakes up. Realize dishes haven't been done yet. Starts dishes.
8:30- finish dishes. Finish printing kids papers for the week, serve breakfast(leftover blueberry pancakes, homefries, eggs, a banana, and yogurt)
9:00-1:00 kids start schoolwork, I continue throwing loads of laundry in the washer/dryer while printing off progress reports from last week.
1:00-lunch(kids-pb&j sandwich, pretzels. Me- chicken/cheese/lettuce sandwich and a handful of cheez-it mix).
1:30- kids took recess, I finished clearing off the computer desk
2:30-4:30 kids continued studies, I proofread/corrected/helped as needed
4:30-6:00kids started baths, ate dinner(Lasagna from the weekend)and personal computer time, I worked out(Jack LaLane), got ready to leave
6:10-left for youngest daughters basketball practice
8:10-leave youngest daughters practice, go to Walmart to buy alarm clock for kids
9:00 arrive home, kids get jammies on and get ready for bed
9:20- wait for hubby to call, read a little bit of “ Created to be His Helpmeet”
9:40- Hubby calls
9:40-10:30 we talk and recap day
10:30 watch a YouTube video, quickly glance at E-mails. Plot goals for tomorrow(in my head, because they're soo safe there instead of on paper, am I right? No? *hangs head in shame*) as I watch
How do your Mondays look? I'd love to know!
Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

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