Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 3 in Stepford

Greetings, Chaotics!
*NOTE- I know this is beyond late. Sorry!*
Today is the start of week 4 in Stepford. After all the unpleasantness of week 3, I am actually really glad to go back to trying another week of being a Stepford wife!
What happened during week 3, you ask?
Well.....in short, it was that wonderful  HORRIBLE time of the month where I am reminded that, once again, because of a stupid decision I made many years ago, my womb is still empty and I am a disgrace to all womankind.
Yes, I do get overly dramatic during this time...how did you know?

But in all seriousness, it did hit me a bit harder this month than usual. During week 2, I thought I was getting somewhere. I had cleaned my whole house weekly, the kids were getting accustomed to their new curriculum and needing less help, and I was actually feeling  overall more pleasant and dare I say(?) enjoying the process of attempting to be a Stepford Wife.
Then....that came, and it all sort of went to pieces.
I stopped working out, I had little energy, and yes...I accidentally stepped out of the house one day this week, not only NOT wearing makeup, but in my jammies, too, no less! AND GOT CAUGHT! The horror!
I actually cried on Friday, because 1. I was in pain 2. I was disappointed in myself and 3. I ran out of chocolate, good coffee, and my newest obsession....scented candles.
I texted hubby before he came home. The house wasn't going to be its usual clean, the house wouldn't smell awesome(again...no candles *cue massive sad face*) it was that time, and I was going to be curled in fetal position somewhere in the house if he needed me.
Do you know what this wonderful man replied back?
The three words every woman wants to hear-
"I'll bring chocolate."
I was in my jammies, funky as all get out, and just in pain and wallowing in self pity and funk. And here he comes, pulling up the driveway. With two Walmart bags.
And.....AND....not only did this man bring chocolate, he bought all this, too! I didn't even tell him to get all this, but he did! 😍

Is this man awesome or what?!?! <3

Then he scooped up the kids and took them to go get firewood from our local lumber mill. Told me to rest, eat some chocolate, prop up my feet, or do whatever I needed to start feeling better.
I don't know why, but that was just I needed. I took a Tylenol, hopped in the shower, and made myself my best version of Stepford presentable I could. I also washed\dried our bedsheets and sprayed them with lavender vanilla spray, in hopes that it would bring much needed calm and a tiny sense of peace to our bedroom.

Did I stay Stepford-level awesome the rest of the weekend? I wish I could say I did, but I didn't. Saturday, I baked over 4 dozen cupcakes for a nearby Shelter luncheon another lady from church does once a month, and some pull-apart coffee cake for breakfast before my kids basketball game....only to realize the cream cheese to make frosting for the cupcakes was missing. So I had to mad dash to the grocery store to buy not homemade frosting, because I had no more time and we needed to get out the door ASAP. Hubby decided this was a great time to get wood, and as a result, we were 15 minutes late to the girls game....and I forgot to eat breakfast and drink my morning coffee. Hubby offered to buy me these items at the game, but I refused, because there's no point in paying for coffee and breakfast when I had coffee and breakfast waiting for me at home.
But then....hubby got to thinking about our talk on saving money on his cell phone bill and decided that NOW would be an awesome time to go to the cell phone place and further investigate a lower cell phone bill.
The inner frugalista in me should of been beyond thrilled...but, as breakfast time passed, and lunch and snack time was also passing....
Well, lets just say....he doesn't call me "Mama Bear" just because I'm cuddly. I was no longer hungry....I was HANGRY. And growling and shouting the entire drive home.
Funny moment of the weekend-
(At home, after the game)
Me-(stuffing my face and making animal-like grunts)
Papa and Solstice-*looking at me like I' be lost my mind*
Me- pass the bottle of Ranch.
Papa- ....and this is why we can never stick to a diet
Me-I can stick to a diet....as long as its not a diet that requires me to stop eating for 6+ hours.
Papa- Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights....
Me- *stuffing more food in my face*Jesus wasn't a hungry woman on her period! Gahbhghhghb!!!!
Papa-*nervous laughter*(O.O)
This was pretty much me Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was a little more better and closer to Stepford normal. We stayed home from church. I made my usual Sunday breakfast- pancakes(blueberry this week), bacon, scrambled eggs, and homefries. Aaron summarized news from the paper as I ate. After relaxing a bit, we then went to his job, saw him get his truck ready, and said our goodbyes. I then went the kids to the mall to buy (another) candle, then to Walmart to get some other items for church....and more candles.
Four Candles received/bought in three days? YES!!!

So...yeah. Needless to say, I'm glad week 3 is gone and not in a good way. And I'm really, really excited for week 4.
Next Week? BRING IT!!! YAAASSSS!!!
I did also realize that, although I had a rough week, overall, I am enjoying this " challenge". Granted, I don't think I'm even halfway there. But then again...maybe trying to become full-on Stepford(without the robot bits) was a bit more than one could do in a month's time. I'm debating on if I should continue doing this beyond a month, if not for my readers(is anyone even reading this, anyways?), then for myself.
Looking ahead to week 4!
Until Next time,
Mama Jenn

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