Monday, May 30, 2016

The Summer of NO....and YES

Greetings, Chaotics!
Just wanted to post a quick update to say....
-You is special
-You is kind....
Oh, wait. Wrong saying. 😰
I missed y'all! πŸ’–And I miss typing out and recording my thoughts and ramblings to you. πŸ’¬
I have tried and failed twice to upload videos onto YouTube with my intentions, but, seeing as I have the attention span of a squirrel, my attempts were half-hearted and then....I moved on.
Plus, it seemed like everything was happening at once from April to the beginning of June. Did that happen to everyone or just me?? It became so bad I had to resort to writing on my arm in permanent marker and sending text messages to myself just to remember stuff.
And I'd STILL forget stuff.😩
I have put my foot down and said "NO!" to all the things beyond my home(except for one) this summer.
NO to our community VBS.
NO to our church's Wednesday Summer program.
NO to the ladies Summer Book Club.
NO to my stepchildren coming over for the summer.
NO to ALL the cool things that are free over the Summer(with a slight exception because it was a great opportunity).
And NO to play dates, $1 movies, and cheap family days at the fill-in-the-blank attraction(zoo, museum, etc.).
But with all this foot-stomping and sounding like a toddler that only knows one word, I have said YES to a tiny bit of things...
YES, I will not run away from taking care of the half-acre of land and home God gave us. I will not busy myself to the point that I can't pull weeds, water my garden boxes, and let my home turn into a dust bowl of chaos.
YES, I did sign up my oldest for a volunteer position at the nearest big-city library. That is the only exception to the "not going too far from the house" rule.
YES my kids will be doing a "language arts" boot camp over the summer if nothing else because their handwriting scares me and their spelling and grammar makes me want to curl into fetal position and cry.
YES I will be bumping up my game in fitness and food over the summer.
YES I will be taking charge(with permission from my husband, of course) of our finances....tightening the belt, kicking some debt, etc.
And....YES, I will be trying once again to blog and vlog faithfully.
My goal is to upload at least one vlog a week and write at least a paragraph a day on here.
Am I reading one form of chaos for another(?) I'm not sure yet. But I'm going to TRY. I really want to have a laid back summer in some form this year.
I just want to ask y'all for one thing.
Could you please continue to read and comment when you see fit, and watch/like/subscribe/comment to my YouTube channel? I know people *somewhere* read my blog and watch my channel....I see the numbers increasing...but despite that, I still often times feel like maybe what I'm saying is of no value to y'all or what I say is not relevant to those who do read/watch. What do y'all want to read/see more of? Feel free to let me know.
Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

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