Monday, July 18, 2016

Dieting Progress, Week 3

Greetings, Chaotics!
I'm a little worried about this week, and I have some good news.
First off, the good news-
My oldest had started ASKING for the Leslie Sansone 1 mile workout. That is GREAT NEWS to me, because, I usually have to beg her to workout with me, and she'd usually quit halfway.
Friday, I wasn't sure if she was trying to get out of going outside with her siblings or what, but she suddenly was begging me, "Can we PLEASE do the one-mile happy walk now? I REALLY want to do it!!! PLEASE???". And even though I had got through two hours of house cleaning to prepare the home for hubby's arrival and was BEAT, I still managed to walk my way to a mile with her. My son joined in, too!

Second, after an...event of sorts, my husband got mad at himself and said, "I can't do this anymore! I'm getting too fat for this! We're working out on Saturdays and Sundays together! Got it?!" :D :D :D
I nearly fell off the bed! I had been begging my husband to join me but after seeing his less than enthusiastic response repeatedly, I quit trying(remember that "I got mad" post...two posts ago?). And guess what? We did workout this weekend! He did grumble at first on Sunday, after a horrible day  two weekends of trying to install my water pump on my car. I'm talking the law of craptastic was hitting him full-force on this! I wanted to help, and jumped in when he asked me to do something, but other than cleaning this part or adding goop to that part, it was really all on him to do. So, I was half-expecting him to not want to work out on Sunday. I woke him up, and his first response was, "Are you kidding me? I don't want to do ANYTHING today!" But then as he woke up a bit more, "I don't FEEL like doing this....".
 Moments later, "Well, maybe. I'm still sore. I dunno..."
Finally, "Okay, fine. But it's going to have to be an easy and quick work out!"
I didn't say anything during this verbal battle he had with himself. One of the greatest things being Stepford has taught me thus far is sometimes, just to zip my lips and saying nothing when I want to say something potentially destructive most times yields the greatest response out of my husband! ;)

So, I had pushed myself a bit more last week because of others around me! I was only expecting to do four days worth of working out, and a few hours of intense cleaning the 5th day(hey, it counts as a workout! I checked!) , and instead did SEVEN DAYS of working out AND a few hours of intense cleaning!

Also, my scale isn't giving me the go-around as first week, my weight kept fluctuating on their between 210 and 205. I don't know it kept doing that, but halfway through last week, it finally started to find a happy medium between 204 and 205, depending on the time of day. So, yay! It's still progress towards 200!

Now the things I'm worried about....

I don't have my Garcinia Cambogia! :( I ran out on Friday and was expecting to go get some...but because of the water pumps(yes, there was more than two involved in this transaction!) and the law of craptastic, I wasn't able to get out to the store I went to get it. I'll be able to get some on Friday, but until then, I'm hoping to sike myself out a little by just drinking the tea without it and hoping I won't be chowing down like I'm not on a diet.

At first, I thought well, my stepmother said it can stick in your system for a bit even after you stop taking it, so I should be okay, right?

But then....
I got my unwelcome friend!
*cue sobbing hysterically*

Now I have NO IDEA how this week is going to pan out! I'm hoping that what my stepmother said will work out in my favor. After all, I did have my last one on Friday....and Saturday, I did have a hard time even trying to eat my usual "YOLO" day breakfast(cheddar cheese bagel, cheesy scrambled egg, and a piece of pork...this week, it was cheddar wurst). I ended up eating only half over breakfast, and the other half later in the day as a late lunch. While getting another water pump, hubby and I decided that we should make it a mini-date since there's a Wendy's next to the auto parts we got small Frosty's and I ordered a small fry...only to end up sharing that with him, because I couldn't eat it all. And yesterday, I got a little sick after eating 3/4 c. of ice cream in honor of National Ice Cream day ....but that may have been my unwelcome friend announcing its arrival, I'm not sure yet.

We shall see!

This week, I'm going to try to do another Leslie Sansone Workout, this time, a 45 minute, 3 miles one. After finding her 1-mile happy walk, I started doing it twice a day in addition to a 20 minute Richard Simmons workout anyways, I think it won't be pushing myself too much to just do her for 45 minutes instead of her and Richard...right? Here's hoping!

Also, if y'all happen to be on Lose It! and want to add me as a friend, my e-mail to find me is

Here's to another(hopefully) good week of scale and non-scale progress!

Until Next Time,
~Mama Jenn

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