Saturday, January 2, 2016

Day 2, Stepford Wife Challenge

Hello, Chaotics!
Sorry about not posting the link last night. Here's the link for my thoughts on day one.
With that said, today's challenge comes from, once again, the "Pleasing Men" section.

I think that, aside from the top concern of the implied title, the second chief concern would be to always have a great appearance. Because according to the website, I am to be "the picture of traditional femininity".
This one, again, isn't too hard. First off, my husband isn't one to really have specifics. However, I have specifics/convictions about femininity that I have implemented myself several years before meeting my husband. I wear only dresses or skirts, I(usually) wear modest tops/shirts. I cover my head when in public and around the house.

So, the rule I'm following today is- always wear your makeup.

Well, they never said you had to look good while putting it on.

As I mentioned in another post, I have started attempting to wear make-up when going out of the house. I don't usually go all out with make-up, largely because I have oily skin and not many people notice, anyhow. I stick to-eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and long-wear lip gloss/glaze(what do they call this nowadays?!). My husband actually doesn't like the lip gloss, because he's big on kissing a lot, and ends up wearing more of it than I do when he's home and I wear it.

A few months ago, I did start attempting to rock some nail polish on a regular basis. My husband noticed from time to time, but never really said outright if he liked it or not. So, until he says otherwise, I'll continue to do it.

And, although this isn't exactly make-up related, I did start wearing some scented lotion and body spray on an everyday basis instead of just when I'm going out of the house...basis. My husband did notice(the second day I wore it, but at least he noticed) and has complimented it, so I kept applying the lotion on and off all day when he's home so the scent would still be there all day long.

This morning, I did try. I took my shower, applied the scented lotion and body spray, picked out a cheery colored dress, applied a fresh coat of nail polish on my nails, took a few minutes longer to do my hair(even though it's covered)...and put my face on(aka-put some make-up on). I even shaved(again), too, just to make myself feel like I haven't missed anything.

I'm sort of peeved at my husband(I mentioned why on my Youtube channel), so I'm not sure if he's not saying anything because of my anger at him or if he really didn't notice I'm wearing make-up. We have our monthly date and discuss the budget night tonight, so let's see what comes of it. *shrugs*
I'll update again sometime tonight or tomorrow morning my thoughts on my channel.
Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

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