Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Today's Schedule

Greetings again, Chaotics!
I'm sorry this is late. Last week was...well...chaotic.

Last week, I had given you two(or more) websites that had templates I used to try at menu planning and keeping a schedule, as well as the two websites I found that gave a general idea of what a Stepford Wife's schedule should look like.

I did attempt to follow their schedules. However, as I mentioned before, both websites failed to mention homeschooling, and with us starting a new curriculum...yeah. The schedule pretty much went to pieces by day one.

So, after two(ish?) weeks of refining it...I think I have a schedule that currently works for me. Granted, it varies according to the day we're talking about, but as I said...it works *shrugs*.

Here is my schedule for today. This is an exception day because my husband was home due to the holiday.
5:00 AM-Wake up, start dishes from night before
5:30-start breakfast(breakfast this morning-sour cream coffee cake)
6:00-start folding laundry from yesterday, listen to homesteading podcast
6:15-wake up hubby
6:30-serve hubby breakfast, listen to him tell me highlights from the paper as he reads it.
7:00-wake kids up so we can all say good-bye to hubby
7:30-check e-mail
8:00-type up blog entry(that's now, btw ;) )/get kids started on independent schoolwork
8:30- clean up breakfast
9:00-shower, dress, hair, makeup(yes, I know I'm late on this. I was going to do it as soon as I woke up, but then I wouldn't of had time to make hubby breakfast...and he prefers my cooking over my make up lol).
10:00-11:30 start daily cleaning task(today: wash one kid's bed sheets, move and dust the DVD/VHS shelf from our bedroom back to its original spot in the living room, clean Master bathroom and bedroom)
11:30-Start lunch
12:30-1:30-Clean up lunch, kids take recess, I make my own lunch and drink 2nd cup of coffee and take a breather/file taxes online(not sure how long this will take)
1:30- call kids back in from recess, kids listen to History audio book, I put clothes away
2:00-Kids watch a Science video, I workout
2:30- start baking/preparing snack
3:00-snack time
3:15-finish snack, check over kid's progress(if done), make sure kids are staying on task(if not done), quick tidy through the house
4:00- Start making dinner
5:00-Dinner(dinner tonight- leftover fried chicken, rice, mixed vegetables, biscuits/rolls)
5:45-Make sure all dishes are in sink/wipe down table
6:00-Kids start baths
7:00- Family Devotions
8:00-watch a family-friendly show
9:15-Say prayers with kids, kids go to bed, I read my devotional(s) while waiting for hubby to call
9:30-hubby calls
10:30-make sure dog is taken out one last time, wrap up filing taxes(if needed)

So, that's it for today!

Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

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