Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 1 Update- Stepford Wives Challenge

Greetings, Chaotics!
Phew! What a week!
I hope y'all are enjoying my little adventures in Stepford. I must say, overall, that I am!
Even though I received a blogging/vlogging-related injury....because, this is me we're talking about (*-_-)
Can you get carpel tunnel from social media? That would be just my luck.
...And my husband wasn't all for it the first few days. At.all.

.......BUT then, I remembered...this is not about his response. I did this because I saw flaws in myself.  Although, my husband said that, in his own way, this change might do us a bit of good. And again, in his own way, opened up that change on both our ends might not be as bad as he thought.
Granted, if you have paid attention to my vlog entries, you have seen up to the past several days. I'm sorry that I haven't been updating on a daily basis, but it hurts like you wouldn't believe to type(on here)/hold the phone to upload videos(on Youtube) because of my hand :(. Although my hand isn't 100%, it's a lot more tolerable. So that's why I'm typing ;)

The days I didn't write or vlog-

Day 7: We went to volunteer at a ministry our church supports for several hours, then went to the library, then to eat, then the kids basketball practice. The rule I followed was "always let your husband know where you're going". The specific rule stated to ask his permission, but I had done that in the past and my husband didn't really care for it, so I stopped. Since he would be driving or loading/unloading, I would text him to notify him where I was at or where I was on my way to go. He usually just replied back to let me know he got the message. It made me feel a bit more secure, knowing he knew where I was at during any given time. My house somehow became a bit undone Wed. night, so as a result, it was a mess and with us being out the house all day, I figured I'd give it a good clean on Day 8.

Day 8: My husband notified me the night before that his boss was going through all the trucks to see how clean they were. Those that actually were clean got a new truck. My husband had really wanted another truck with a fridge, because ever since we were married his biggest struggle on the road was wanting to take my cooking with him but had no way of keeping it steadily cold. He asked me to come whenever he got to his job site and help him clean out his car. I got through cleaning one room before I got the text saying to get ready to leave and help. So, although my house wasn't as clean as I'd like it, I dropped everything, got the kids and myself ready, and left.
It took us several hours, but we got the truck clean. We were all tired, dirty, and hungry. I was trying to think of what to make us all for a late lunch, when my husband surprised me by saying he wanted us to go to the nearby truck stop/restaurant mostly for truckers nearby. This was a bit embarrassing because all week, I was on my game when it came to appearance....and the one day I didn't bring my make-up bag, we were all muddy and wet, my husband decides to treat us. I grabbed the girls and headed to the bathroom in hopes we could try on some level to not look like a bunch of hobos. My husband said he almost ordered for me, and that's when I remembered on the site that "the men order for the women when they're out to eat". I'm not sure if it was a rule per se, but I figured considering the circumstances, it would do. I told him the idea, and to go ahead and order for me, thinking that we've went on enough dates to know what I usually order when we go out(because I usually order one of two things). He mumbled something about wishing he hadn't said anything, and took several minutes looking at the menu. When the waitress came, he gave the kids orders, his orders, and then mine...a Chef Salad. Because "Well, you really like vegetables...?"
I did the Stepford thing, and smiled and said it was just fine. Looking back on it, I should of been more thankful for it, but I wasn't. I had told him I was trying to be more healthy as a part of the Rules. And he did remember my love of veggies. I guess I made it not-quite-as-subtle as I hoped that I was lying through my teeth and am not all that fond of vegetables, because my husband stated sarcastically, "you see? I shouldn't be ordering for you! I don't pay attention to what you eat!". But I did eat most of it....
...and then, when we separated so I could get something at Walmart and he could get a few moments to decompress at home all by himself, I ordered a $2 Chicken and French fry combo at McDonald's(*-_-). Which probably did nothing for my attempts at being healthy.
Apparently, this idea of submission needs to be worked out a bit more in me.
Then, when I came home, it was nearly dinner time. Since everyone else  had a larger than usual meal for lunch, no one was really hungry for dinner, so I didn't make one. We instead had popcorn and a frozen cream pie I bought while at Walmart, and watched a movie.
While we were...getting ready for the evening, I was more tired than I thought and didn't feel like searching for my jammies. My husband, being the kind man he is, went into our closet and picked out my jammies for me. Even though that's not "technically" approving my outfit, I'm considering it as such and saying my husband knocked out two rules in one day- choosing my meal when dining out, and choosing/approving my outfit(er...jammies).

Day 9: Our family didn't really do much, due to my husband feeling sick. Although he tried to do some things, his body needed rest more than things to do, so he largely just sat on the couch or lounged in bed. I did my best to take care of him, pumping him up with cold meds and vapor rub. I did clean the kitchen and was surprised at my husband outward show of 1. noticing(he usually doesn't unless I say something) and 2. appreciation. My husband makes it known very often he appreciates "all that I do", but rarely goes into specifics unless its food, or a special occasion. It was nice to see/hear him genuinely notice I had worked hard on cleaning and re-arranging things in the kitchen, and comment on how much better it looked.  I was going to make a roast chicken, but my husband wanted what we call a "Porky Pig" pizza, so I made that instead. Since we had dessert the night before(we usually try to limit desserts to once a week), I didn't "make" a dessert. We had ice cream and popcorn instead.

Day 10: We decided not to go to church today because we were afraid my husband would be contagious, and he wanted to get a jump start on the week so he left earlier than usual. I spent most of the day listening to televangelists while trying to re-write my weekly schedule/menu plan for the week.
The rule(s) I did were to look attractive for my husband as he leaves for work(I usually don't get dressed when he leaves from home on days like this), and to wave goodbye until he turned beyond our lane. I got a shower, brushed my hair, put a scented lotion on, and got dressed for the day shortly after waking. I didn't put on makeup today. I made our usual big Sunday breakfast.
I have to say, waving goodbye to him until he turned beyond our lane isn't really something I don't usually do when he leaves home. In fact, I really had no idea this was an actual "Stepford" rule until I read the website. I usually stop whatever I'm doing and walk him to the doorway, waving goodbye to him regardless of if he's going to the gas station a mile away or if he's leaving for the week. I don't know if it makes him feel any more/less special or not. I just did it because I thought that's what should be done. *shrugs*

I am looking forward to week two....but I'm starting to run out of rules to follow. While the website I mentioned in my original post has a good deal of entries on what their group does, it's becoming hard to distinguish what is actually a "rule" and what is just something they do personally.

I did try to e-mail the website I mentioned, and another blog that's I mentioned in a later post that is a group of sisters trying to be Stepford....but I received no response from either :(

So, next week, I'm hoping I find enough rules to follow to make it through. If not...well, then, I'll just keep trying to refine the rules I have attempted.

I'll try to post another rule tomorrow, as well as my meal plan and schedule for the day.
Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

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