Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 4, Stepford Wife Challenge

*Note* Sorry that this is 2 days late. I typed it up but didn't realize until today that...I didn't post it
(*-_-). My bad.

Greetings again, Chaotics!

So, yesterday was a bit of a flop, as well as a success. I'll be posting my vlog thoughts later tonight. I tried to do it several times this morning, but for some reason it wouldn't upload :(
**UPDATE*** here it finally is!

Today, I am technically killing several birds with one stone.
No, I am not literally going around killing birds.
My son and youngest daughter are with their BB guns.
How 'Killing Two Birds With One Stone' Kills Us and Our Work
No literally birds were actually harmed during the making of this blog post. I think.

An-y-ways, today isn't really a full-on "rule" day as it is more a "habit" day. I haven't memorized the website's "rules", but I do know *somewhere* on the site, it mentions keeping to or trying to adhere to some kind of schedule. The website mostly gives advice on how to plan your moments when the hubby is home, but as far as I saw, there was no real "schedule" as to how to conduct my day.
I googled "Stepford Wife Schedule" and found two that gave me a general idea of what a Stepford/retro wife's schedule should look like. You can find them here and here.  Then, I found a website to give me  pretty little hour-by-hour, weekly schedule slots to fill in to my heart's content. Which I did, over the weekend. Today, I am actually implementing the schedule for the first time.

Secondly, today is the day I do an extension(of sorts) of trying to please my husband with my appearance.
Yup. That's, I started doing the dreaded "E" word. I'm also trying to do a "diet" of sorts...which is having some....uhm...interesting results already.
*raises eyebrows so you don't dare question what that means*

I am already almost a hour behind on my schedule(*-_-), so I'll leave it at that for now, and either jot down a bit more later tonight, or post something on Youtube.

Until Next Time,
Mama Jenn

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